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Natural Dye Mulches

Cherry Brown

Other Mulch

Playground Mulch (order by semi load)

Mulch Calculator

Need to know how much mulch to purchase? Enter the dimensions of the area you’ll be mulching and how deep you want the mulch to be.

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Dirt & Sand

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Flume Sand (pool sand)

Torp Sand (order by the ton)


Landscape Materials

Landscape Fabric Rolls

✔ 3 x 25 (75 sq ft)
✔ 3 x 50 (150 sq ft)
✔ 3 x 100 (300 sq ft)
✔ 3 x 250 (750 sq ft)
✔ 4 x 250 (1,000 sq ft)
✔ 5 x 250 (1,250 sq ft)
✔ 6 x 250 (1,500 sq ft)
✔ 8 x 250 (2,000 sq ft)


✔ Permaloc Aluminum Paver Edging (8 ft piece)
✔ Spiral Stakes
✔ Cobra High-Test – 20 ft length
✔ Surefoot Edging


✔ We use Country Materials as our supplier for landscape block. Follow this link to their online catalog to browse through the many options!

We have free hard copies of the catalog at the store as well!

✔ For added variety, we also partner with Semco Stone. Follow this link to take a look at their products.

Landscape Rock
Visit us in DeMotte and see our rock in person. Your next landsape project will ROCK!

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